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Founded in 2014 as a 3D manufacture for highly detailed and life-like figurines of world-wide erotic stars, me.mento 3D has developed into a 3D-tech-company.

With an in-house 3D scanning solution based on photogrammetry, we're able to produce high-res 3D avatars of adult celebrities. The collection figures are still offered in different scales.

Our core competence now lies in the life-like representation of adult stars in digital applications, mainly VR (virtual reality) as well as AR (augmented reality). me.mento 3D's avatars are even used in gaming applications. Our 3D avatars are fully animated and can be equipped with AI (artificial intelligence).

Our first own product will be presented to the public in q1 2018.

me.mento 3D make it possible
me.mento 3D make drems true

Our 3D High-Tech Expertise

High-Tech Scanning

Lightning fast scans or motion capture recordings: At any place in the world and at any time ready to use thanks to the proprietary mobile high-resolution 3D photogrammetry scanner.

High-Tech Processing

Processing of "raw material" by the world's leading 3D artists create a lifelike image of the adult stars.

High-Tech Results

A high-resolution photorealistic 3D file of the stars with livesize mash and a 6K texture with nearly limitless possibilities of utilization: Virtual Reality, full color 3D prints, collectibles, digital applications.

me.mento vr - next level of porn

Your eroticstar as a real interactiv 3D figurine

  • real vr premium platform with interactiv girls and boys
  • interactiv lapdance, pooldance, handjob, strip, sex ....
  • photorealistic (high definition and accurate in every detail)
  • over 600 different erotic girls and boys
  • over 20 different themes and fetish
  • access free to play
  • dive into the new real erotic world

Your eroticstar to touch interactiv

  • real life avatare with natural movements
  • touch and feel everything
  • you say - she does
  • you see every detail from every perspective

Feel what you see

  • VR platform work together with real love toys
  • toys designed to respond to your body and desires so you can shape your own pleasure
  • will soon be available in our shop

Get your own erotic figurine now!

Real erotic stars as an 3D print figure:
for example: Bonnie Rotten in four different themes
Bonnie Rotten Collection
One Bonnie
4 Themes!



Our Team


Tobias Platte


15+ experience in marketing,

        pr & sales

15+ finance

10+ management

5+ online marketing

Sebastian Malm

Lead Product Manager

projekt management

project planning

lead game design


Matthias Müller

lead animation & mocap

3D generalist

cinematic artist

design supervisor

lead artist

technical drawer

Kathrin Haupt

senior UI/UX design

web design

usability lab

interaction design

Thomas Schneider

3d game design

3d artist

unity master


rigger and animation

3d modeling

character rigging

Quinten Dessauvage

game programmer

game developer

high 3d modeling / rigging

Roena Rosenberger

concept artist

concept design



game design

level design



game designer

game programmer

web design

Himanshu Varshney

senior artist

character animation

rigging and maya specialist

Anton Bauer

3d modeling and texturing

3d artist

3d rendering

3ds max script

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